A web based Library Management System

Library Content  Managers Integrated Library Solution is a web-based  Library Software developed in PhP language. A  complete state-of-the-art integrated library automation system, which is based on industry standards. Reflecting Paradigm’s philosophy of flexibility and ease of use, LCM allows the customer to implement the modules gradually.

Full compliant to ODBC, LCM’s ensures client empowerment. The LCM Library System provides full Unicode support, XML management reports, and API links to other top-tier applications. Three generations of LCM system design, developed over in three years, have produced loyal customers. Since its development, more than five organizations in Pakistan have installed it  in different Information Centers and operating well in the robust techology.

Configuration of LibConMan is very simple by just adding a few changes.

After download the zip file, make the following changes:

1. Open application/config/config.php file.

            $config['base_url'] = ''; 

            Replace with your actual domain name follwed by index.php/

2. Now open application/config/database.php file and make make the following changes.

            'username' => 'YOUR_DB_USER',
            'password' => 'YOUR_DB_PASSWORD',
            'database' => 'YOUR_DB_NAME',

Save and close bothi files and that's it. Enjoy

Main Feautres of LibConMan

Admin has overall control over the software. Admin dashboard contains a varity of modules:


 Books Management

Books Management      

You can export books to pdf or csv format by clicking the export buttons at the top of the table.

Adding New Book.

New book can be added in three different ways:

Using book add page.

add book page

Using US Marc (Z39.50):

     Click US Marc on the top right of add book page.This will redirect you to US Marc page. Just type any book title you want and click search.

US Marc

Now click on Import Book. This will redirect you to add book page with some metadata of the book. You can fill blank fields manually and click save book.

Using Import Function:

Before importing books, always download the sample csv file and fill it accordingly. If not, some unexpected data may be saved in your database.

Import Books

Thats it.


Users Management:

Admin can add new user:

Add User

User types depend on clent requirement so it can be changed according to his choice.

Also there is a specific tenure for a user, issue date and end date. If the end date of a user is prior to current date, he will be no longer able to login and will get message that the account has been expired.

Admin can change his end date in edit user page from dashboard if needed.

Users management

Admin can delete, view, edit or reset a user to a default password.



This module contains the following functions:

Issue Book:

Issue Book

Enter book Accession Number as well as Member ID, you will get a not exists message both for book and user in case you enter invalid inputs.

What is meant by Special Issue ?

Normally duration for a book is 14 days which can be set by admin in dashboard. But what when admin wants to increase this duration for a specific user, then admin will check Special Issue checkbox and a textbox will appears where admin can enter number of days what he wants. But this special duration will only be for the above member and above book.

Receive or Return Book

Receive Book

On cicking Get Record button, you will get a list of all books issued to the above user.

User Books

Clcik Receive to return this book.

Member History

Admin can view a complete history of a user/member how many books have been issued, returned or overdue for a specific user.

Member History

Member Cards

Member cards are automatically download in pdf file which can be used for later need. It means you dont need to go to dashboard in case reprinting a user card.

Memer cards

On clicking Print Card button, a pdf file is automatically generated containing cards for the above members.

PDF file cards

Book Status

Book status means either a specific book is issued to a user or not. If issued, that book cannot be issued to another user untill the user to whom it issued returns it.

Book Status

Enter Accession Number of a book and click Check Status, you will get a message either it is available or not.

Book Card

Enter accession number and print card for a book.

Book Card

Print Book Card

Book Sticker

Same as Book card.

Book Sticker



Reports module contains the following reports.


Other modules in admin dashboard are self explanatory and do not require any documention.

Please visit our demo and login as administrator for complete information.

username = admin

password = admin

User Dashboard


What can a user do  in his dashboard ?

 Can view his history (how much books issued and returned by logged user)

Requests for a book to admin. If admin is agree, he can issue that book to this user.

Advance search for a book and many more.....

Please visit our demo and login as user for complete information.

username = user

Passowrd = user

Whole dashboard is self explanatory and do not need any user guide.



Front End


Pages on front end can be added/removed on client request.

Search Modoule

Header search

You can search books, journal articles, newspaper articles or research reports sometime called issue brief.

You can search the above by any field like author,title etc.

If you are logged in, there is addition option for ebooks.

if you selecgt ebooks, the system will search globally (not in your database ) and will show you a list of your desired search parameters. You can easily download thos ebooks from the list.

Search Ebooks


Search Results



Thanks for purchasing our software.